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Nash, John

The Nash family is sad to announce that John died on May 5, 2022. He died peacefully in his sleep as he wished. John Nash was born in Boston Massachusetts on March 6, 1932. His father was Otis Cushing Nash; His mother was Theodora Roberts Nash John attended Proctor Academy in Andover New Hampshire. His years there had a great influence on his life and taught him that actions have consequences. John liked to use this instance as an example. John was watering a garden when the state police car went by. He squirted the car not knowing the window was open. That afternoon he could be found handcuffed to a pole in the center of town. After an hour the officer came back took John for a ride in the police car and explained why his behavior was not wise. John and that officer became life-long friends On March 8th, 1958. John and Jane Elizabeth York Shallcross were married in First Church Unitarian in Dedham Massachusetts. They knew each other from childhood and had many mutual friends. They had three children: Mark Owen, Deborah Elizabeth, and David Otis. They were married for 64 years on March 8, 2022. John was a decent, honest, and fair man. Here is one example. John and Jane were having dinner at a local restaurant when a young man came over. He said, “Hi detective Nash. Do you remember me”? John replied,” Yes” When the man left, Jane said who was that.“ John said, “My evidence sent him to Walpole Prison.” Later while leaving the restaurant Jane saw the man and asked him why he would want to talk to the person who helped send him to prison. He said. “I have been a criminal since I was 14. Your husband is the only person who ever treated me with respect.” John loved his family, being a detective, sailing, playing hockey, skiing, and hunting on Red Hill in NH with his cousin David, Perhaps his favorite activity was being a tail gunner on B36 and B52 bombers, He would laugh and say “in the Service I loved being exempt from making my bed and other housekeeping duties by hanging a sign that said “Flew last night. That sign went up and never came down for 4 years John was not the kind of father that played games with his kids. He said “when I was a kid I did not want my dad along. Grownups tended to spoil the fun” He showed his love in other ways. For years he took his vacation in 4-day intervals. He left Westwood MA after his shift ended at midnight on Thursday and came back for work on Monday. The first day of his vacation was spent fixing all the broken items on the beach. Saturday was spent taking his kids and their friends water skiing, for ice cream, or on trips to Weirs beach. Sunday more water skiing and then home to Westwood where he was a police officer, and later a detective. John loved being a detective. As the detective in Westwood, MA, John solved many cases that were classified unsolved. John said he was successful because he knew the laws, discussed difficult cases with local judges, and worked with some of the best detectives in Boston. John was particularly proud of the case in 1987 when two people were found shot to death. For years the case was classified as unsolved. However, in 2004 evidence collected over the years by John and Boston Detectives closed the case and the person was sent to prison. John died as he lived in control of his life. He told the medical people. “I want to die in as little pain as possible and just slip away.” And that is exactly how he died. John is survived by his wife, Jane; his son Mark Nash; and his daughter Deborah Palmer; his grandchildren, Jason Kilroy, Kristine Kilroy, Scott Lorenz, Lacey Nash, Kevin McGowan, and Sherrie McGowan; and his great-grandchildren, Josh and Jamian. John was predeceased by a son David Otis Nash, and two grandchildren, Kate Elizabeth Kilroy-Ahne, and Michael Allen Nash. A Memorial Service will be held at 1 pm on June 4, 2022, at First Church Dedham Massachusetts. A Celebration of John’s Life will be held at Mayhew’s Funeral Home, in Moultonborough, New Hampshire at 1 pm on June 11, 2022. In lieu of flowers, a contribution may be made to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Northern New England Chapter, 114 Perimeter Road, Nashua, NH 03063 or to the American Cancer Society, 3 Speen St, Framingham, MA 01701.

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  1. May 27th, 2022 | 8:03 am

    To all those who knew and loved John, please accept the condolences and gratitude of the entire Westwood Police Department on your loss. Detective Nash will be remembered fondly and with gratitude for his many years of service. May he rest in peace.

    Chief Jeffrey Silva
    Westwood, MA Police Department

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