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How to report a death to a social media site

Below is information on how to report a death to several of the most popular social media sites.

Facebook: Go to; click on “Manage Your Account” on the left side of the page; click “Memorialized Accounts”; a death certificate or other proof of death is required; proof of authority like a birth certificate, power of attorney or last will and testament; submit information using online form.

Google and YouTube: Go to; Click on “Close the account of a deceased user”; fill in your information and the decedents information; you will have to scan your Driver’s License or government issue ID; scan the decedents death certificate; submit.

Twitter: Go to; click on “Use this form” and select “I want to request the deactivation of a deceased or incapacitated user’s account”; fill out the Report Form and submit it to Twitter; Twitter will contact you once they review the report.

Linkedin: Go to; fill out form with information about yourself and decedent; add link to the obituary or news article of the death; submit the report.

Instagram: Go to; choose if you want to delete or memorialize the account; Provide the decedents birth certificate, death certificate, and information showing you as the executor or administrator to the decedents estate; complete online form and submit.


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